Hospitals are more than a place to provide healthcare services. Generally, they are the most important buildings in the city and the main reference of a society and a time. The main objective of this proposal is to achieve the maximum efficiency, combining shape and function, making the values of both add up to result..


The strength of the proposal is based on converting the seemingly unfavorable characteristics of the site into allied elements to achieve a balanced and respectful result with the environment. The hospital looks for a calm implantation, staggered to take advantage of the unevenness of the plot and get a low profile and integrated with the..


It is a building implanted in a centered position, within the boundaries of the property. This provision allows it to segregate different parking lots for the public and staff. On the other hand, there is a comfortable and uninterrupted separation betwen the different traffic flows in the street. The regular module of the plant is..


The project is born from the analysis of the site and its focuses are functionality and durability. A very compact building is proposed, wich optimizes the relationship between areas, interspersing patios of different dimensions according to the needs. The volume is a consequence of the optimization in the organization of the spaces required in the..

Palma del Río

The principal objective of this proposal is to reach the maximum efficiency of the whole, combining form and function, and imposing the criteria for functional organisation, circulation and circuit classifications, promoting accessibility and the optimisation of all assistential processes to user service. The challenge is to combine this functional rigidity with a calm implantation, a..


The project consists of the creation of a Regional Hospital Center with a capacity of 250 beds, in the city of Guelmim. Our challenge is combined with functional rigor with a quiet implantation, a strong volume but in harmony with the seal of the local architecture, and a coherent form in accordance with the economic..

HMI Torrecárdenas

Two longitudinal blocks staggered in height are attached to the current hospital giving a new facade to the city. A new pedestrian street is projected rendering an internal boulevard that gives access to both the new Mother and Children Hospital and the General Hospital in level -1. The structure of internal circulations is properly differentiated..

Reina Sofia

A global intervention is carried out on the current hospital complex. A new building for outpatient consultations, attached to the hospital through a longitudinal hallway split in two levels, generates a new façade for the whole complex. The hospitalisation floors and part of the basement are renovated, with 540 beds and 11 operating theatres. Finally,..

Regional de Cádiz

We propose a high-rise building that allows for bringing “air” into the land, into the environment, into the city, and at the same time becoming a new landmark in the Bay of Cadiz. The hospitalisation units are developed in height; they are separated volumetrically from the “factory hospital” to become a patients’ hotel, comfortable and..

Campus de la Salud

The building is confronted by two great determining factors; a privileged environment, and the special character of a building of this typology and importance. To this analysis, it responds generating two big zones that dialogue among themselves; on one side, the clinical and support areas, organised around a central patio, on the other side, the..