Research building


The new scientific facilities for Medical Genome Project are included within an existing laboratory building. The intervention is a retrofit within the existing building. We maintain the pre-existing organization: a central hall with two open, big areas on both sides. This areas will host different sort of laboratories, offices and gathering places under criteria of..

Instituto de Salud Carlos III

The location for the new research building for the Institute of Health Carlos III is the neighborhood of Sanchinarro, Madrid, which can be an adverse environment. Its proximity to a busy highway and the inhospitable surroundings make us think on creating an interior world where construction and emptiness play together in order to generate pleasant..


CMAT is the leading exponent of innovation in health training. The location of the building within the Campus de Ciencias de la Salud, the characteristics of its activity and the importance of this project for the E.P.E.S. oblige us to plan a singular building in regards to its concept and its architectural solutions, maintaining its..


TThe building for the Center for Genomics and Oncological Research formally responds to three conditions: the plot and its urban planning characteristics in the Campus de la Salud of Granada; a functional programme that is precise but open to possibilities of organisation, growth and running; and regarding architecture and engineering facts, the special character of..


Andalusian Centre for Nanomedicine and Biotechnology is a joint center participated by various government institutions where converge health, research, employment and education. It is conceived a as a privileged space for research excellence in nanomedicine. The plot configuration invites a building of a lineal character. In this way, the building projects in a perpendicular way..