The new Cluj-Napoca Children’s Hospital is located at the intersection between the West-East axis, from the city of Gheorghieni to..


The Oriente Regional Hospital of Zacapa is an orderly and modular building with 5 floors. The construction has a series of courtyards..


The main building is a large clinical piece that formalizes the façade to the Evitamiento street, housing the most critical uses on its..

Alto Deba

Four buildings compose the overall hospital, each one with different accesses, functions and architectural languages. Our approach is to..


The starting point of the Portoviejo Hospital was a building with an unfinished structure and with project errors and deficiencies that..


The Juan Ramón Jiménez Hospital was inaugurated 27 years ago and is still today a reference of modernity due to the rationality of its..


Hospitals are more than a place to provide healthcare services. Generally, they are the most important buildings in the city and the..