Cádiz Regional

Cádiz, Spain

Consorcio Zona Franca
Planho-Aidhos aquitectos
Concurso: 2do. premio

We propose a high-rise building that allows for bringing “air” into the land, into the environment, into the city, and at the same time becoming a new landmark in the Bay of Cadiz. The hospitalisation units are developed in height; they are separated volumetrically from the “factory hospital” to become a patients’ hotel, comfortable and luminous, with excellent views. Regarding the functional point of view, segregation levels of the building are compatible with the architectural and volumetric structure. The first step of segregation separates the administrative and teaching building of the rest of the hospital. This segregation scheme is evident throughout the volume of the building, specially because the hospitalization buildings materialize what it is called a “vertical hospital”. On the other hand, the administrative and ambulatory building materialized the “horizontal hospital”. This combination makes the whole building very rich in its architectonic conception.