University of Cádiz

“El Olivillo” Refurbishment

Cádiz, Spain

University of Cádiz
5.374 m2
Competition: 1st. prize

“El Olivillo” is a remarkable rationalist building in the city of Cadiz. It is an original project in a W floor-shape whose curved shapes perfectly solve its urban implantation. The proposal preserves the typology and language of the original building. We eliminate the body added to the north wing that alters the symmetry of the plant and, also we expands the building in the free space of the plot with the same height, respecting the original facade of the building.
The new program of the building is composed by workshops, laboratories and offices belonging to the University of Cadiz, and responds in a balanced manner to the requirements of spaces in relation to the available container, respecting all the architectural values of one of a relevant work.”