Córdoba Centro Healthcare Centre

Córdoba, Spain

Andalusian Health Service
Competition: 1st. prize

The refurbished building has a remarkable architectural value. It effectively resolves the urban component and remains in good condition despite having more than 50 years, of which the last two have been closed. Its location is strategic, since it is an area that connects the Historic Center with the most important axis of free spaces in Córdoba.
The action consists in the rearrangement of the internal distribution of the basement, groundfloor, first, second and third levels according to the functional program. The only external action is the reconfiguration and extension of the windbreak prior to the main lobby.
The proporsal meets three basic criteria: First, the maintenance of existing elements: vertical core, lobby, toilets and original circulation system. Second, the location of each of the areas in relation to the entire building and the communication centers. Finally, the flexibility: the assistance areas are always located in the facade and with constant width, which allows relocation decisions without altering the general configuration of the building.