H alto deba portada 400x266


Alto Deba

Mondragón, Guipuzkua (Spain)

PLANHO - collaborator JAAM Sociedad de arquitectura

Construction project
11.625 sqm
2.277.845 €
Competition: 1st. Prize
Four buildings compose the overall hospital, each one with different accesses, functions and architectural languages. Our approach is to bring unity, and to achieve this, we propose a simple and modular structure, based on an efficient functional organization that enhances the integration of multidisciplinary medical equipment and make services accessible to all users.

The strength of the proposal is both in the organization of the circulations and in the integration with the existing buildings, whose activity must be maintained throughout the construction process.

The hospital is conceived with a very clean volumetry, strengthened by the lattice that surrounds its south façade and which gives the complex better energy performance. A large canopy supported by the three buildings reinforces the public character of the access square, as a transition element towards the lobbies of each building. This element dilutes the forcefulness of the volumes, creates a friendly and protected space for the user and combines accessibility, functionality and comfort.