Málaga, Spain

Funcion IMABIS
6.762 m2
Concurso: 1er. premio

Andalusian Centre for Nanomedicine and Biotechnology is a joint center participated by various government institutions where converge health, research, employment and education. It is conceived a as a privileged space for research excellence in nanomedicine.
The plot configuration invites a building of a lineal character. In this way, the building projects in a perpendicular way from the principal road, with a volumetric of a great relevance in which the access body stands out, with a perforated steel skin and its relation with the prominent and glazed volume of the assembly room. The functional and composition factors are the starting point of the interior, organising the programme of needs in a modulated way between the patios and ceiling lights that overflow the whole building with light, giving clarity and order. The outstanding volumetry, the metal skin and the concrete give the building strength in contrasts to the translucent facade of the hall.