Benguerir, Maroc
Planho- Nadim Architecte

Groupe OCP- Université Mohammed VI
44.711 m2
46.207.058 €
Competuition. Invitation

The Smart Health Care City is part of one of the great facilities of the new green city of Benguerir, an ambitious project for a sustainable city in the desert area of Morocco, near Marrakech.
The program includes three hospitals (general, rehabilitation and long-stay) that are inserted on a logistical and clinical platform. The strength of the project is both in the configuration of public spaces through the pedestrian access axis and the square that articulates the buildings, and in the relationship between the buildings themselves, the Hospital and the Rehabilitation Center, maintaining independence between the two, but connecting them through a common basement that houses logistics and technical services.

The plaza is conceived as an element of transition. It is the welcome space, where the accesses to the building are organized and the outdoor activities of the Rehabilitation Center take place. The green treatment is an extension of the environment, the park and the villa itself.
The simple lines that shape up the volumetry are emphasized by to the lattice that surround the exterior façade, while inside, this forcefulness gives way to a more human scale with a façade that makes the space more permeable.