Mother and Children Hospital


Almería, Spain

Andalusian Health Service
23.271 m2
27.216.840 €
Competition: 1st. prize

The Maternity and Children hospital is made up of two longitudinal and staggered volumes attached to the University Hospital of Torrecárdenas building in it west side. The intervention configures a new façade to the city and a new access on the south side of the plot, that will end with the congested traffic circulation around the hospital. On the -1 level, a pedestrian street cross both buildings, generating an internal boulevard that gives access to The Maternity and Children hospital (MCH) and to the University Hospital (UH).
Communications between the new MCH and the UH take place on three levels: level -2 for services, level +0 to connect consulting areas, and level +1, for the connection of critical and labour areas. These connections give continuity to the general circulations between both buildings. Within the MCH, the horizontal relationships between the two volumes are prioritized, so the gynecological and obstetric areas are located in parallel, as do the pediatric and neonatal areas.
The whole Hospital Complex is located on a promontory, making possible to see how the two volumes of glass emerge reflecting the landscape around them from various points of the city. The glass façade is used to cover the upper floors, which corresponds to hospitalization, giving a feeling of great amplitude from inside the rooms. The bluish shade of the glass contrasts with the ventilated natural stone facade of the lower levels, those of a more ambulatory nature. These two seemingly opposite materialities maintain a coherent language based on their apparent natural antithesis.

Inpatient Beds
Emergency Beds
Consultation Rooms
Surgery Rooms
Labor Rooms
Critical Care Beds