Viljandi, Estonia
PLANHO- Bakpak Architects- Dagopen Arhitektuurib├╝roo

Riigi Kinnisvara Aktsiaselts
23.815 m2
Competition: 1st. prize

Hospitals are more than a place to provide healthcare services. Generally, they are the most important buildings in the city and the main reference of a society and a time. The main objective of this proposal is to achieve the maximum efficiency, combining shape and function, making the values of both add up to result in a highly resolutive hospital model, where the criteria of functional organization, fluxes, circulations and circuits enhancing accessibility work together in order to achieve the optimization of all care processes at the service of the user. The proposal responds to a simple and modular structure, based on a very efficient functional organization, which facilitates the implementation of management systems by processes , and favoring the accessibility of the patient to all services.Different volumetries have their reflection in the character and the internal functioning of each one of them. The integration of all the services is aimed so that in a single act the patient is diagnosed. We want to rethink the totemic and cold image of these kind of building by conceiving a hospital that does not look like it, but without losing the premise that “a hospital have to work as a hospital.