Poniente Hospital

Intensive care unit extension

El Ejido, Almería

Andalusian Health Service
1.809 sqm
2.098.862 €
Urgent emergency architecture
The project proposal contemplates the execution of 9 individual boxes, two of them isolated with locks, and 9 double boxes, which gives a total of 27 ICU beds. The boxes are divided into two modules, with nursing control, patient toilet, pharmacy preparation and separate laundry area for each one. The rest of the warehouses are shared and accessible from both modules.

In a separate corridor is the staff area, with 8 offices or work areas, living areas, 2 medical bedrooms and changing rooms. The proposal is completed by an area for family members with waiting and toilets and an information office. To guarantee the evacuation of the unit in case of fire, an external evacuation staircase is executed, from level +1 to floor +0.