Doctor Muñoz Cariñanos

Seville (Spain)

Andalusian Health Service
35.103 sqm
47.371.335 €
Urgent emergency architecture
Doctor Muñoz Cariñanos Hospital (former Vigil de Quiñones Hospital or Military Hospital of Seville) is a colossal building punished and neglected during the last 15 years. More than ten years ago, a comprehensive renovation was planned through several stages for its implementation, of which only one of them had been executed.

The new circumstances that occurred with the pandemic motivated the processing of some emergency works, establishing three new phases of execution until the completion and start-up of the entire hospital.

Phase 1 has been completed, which included the start-up of three hospitalisation floors in the tower and part of the basement services, including an ICU with 25 posts distributed in three blocks. Phase 2, much more ambitious on the surface, proposes the entry into service of the entire basement (surgical block, day hospital, endoscopy, etc.), as well as three more hospitalisation floors, the technical plant and almost the entire façade.